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1. For the purpose of evaluation, the school conducts Chapter tests and Periodic Assessments. These tests are taken into accounts for the Half Yearly and promotion exams. Absence from Chapter tests will have adverse effect on promotion.

2. To secure promotion one must obtain 40% of marks in all the subjects. The promotion of a child to the higher class implies that the child has successfully learned a prescribed syllabus. The student must know the subject matter to be promoted. Hence, if a student secures less than 40 percent in more than one core subject (Maths, English I & II, Science, Social Sciences and Bengali/Hindi) he/she will not be promoted to the next class.

3. Ranks are given only to those who pass all the subjects.

4. Anyone using unfair means in the exams/tests will get zero in that subject and or will be debarred from further examinations. He/she will be declared to have failed and may even be expelled from the school.

5. On matters of promotion and detention the Principal's decision shall be final.

6. Pupils who fail in promotion Exams may be asked to leave the school as being either unwilling or unable to study. In no case however, will a student be allowed to repeat the same class for the third time.

7. A student who fails in promotion exams in the same class twice must be withdrawn/will not be allowed to study in this institution. Due to any unforeseen circumstances, if test exams are not held on scheduled date, the same will be held on the next working day, unless otherwise notified.

8. Students suffering from any contagious disease will not be allowed to sit for exams/tests. No special room facility will be given. Re-exam/test is not held for absent student.